Freezer Packages

Westerly Packing offers a variety of freezer packages at different price points. Please call a day ahead to order because all the meats used are fresh and never prepackaged. There are many options: You can choose from our pre-configured packages (shown below) and tell us how you would like it wrapped. You can also use one of our pre-configured packages as a starting point, and make substitutions, or you can design your own! Each package will be freezer-wrapped, labeled, and packaged the way you want it. No more taking meats home and breaking it down yourself. It's all done here for you. We do not ship or deliver our freezer packages, so please stop by or call us to place your order.

$50 Package
2 lbs.Pork Chops
2 lbs.Sandwich Steak
2 lbs.Hamburger
2 lbs.Cube Steak
2 lbs.Chicken Legs
$70 Package
2 lbs.Sirloin Steak
2 lbs.Stew Beef
2 lbs.Hamburger Patties
3 lbs.Country Pork Ribs
2 lbs.Hamburger
3 lbs.Chicken Legs
$80 Package
4 lbs.Hamburger
3 lbs.Pork Chops
3 lbs.Chicken Legs
3 lbs.Sandwich Steak
3 lbs.Pot Roast
$95 Package
3 lbs.Meatball Mix
3 lbs.Hot or Sweet Sausage
3 lbs.Pork Stew Meat
4 lbs.Country Pork Ribs
3 lbs.Bacon
4 lbs.Bone-in Pork Roast
$110 Package
3 lbs.Stew Beef
3 lbs.Pot Roast
2 lbs.Ground Sirloin
2 pc.Whole Chickens
3 lbs.Cube Steak
5 lbs.Hamburger Patties
$130 Low-Fat Package
3 lbs.Boneless Chicken Breasts
3 lbs.Extra Lean Hamburger
3 lbs.Stew Beef
3 lbs.Cube Steak
3 lbs.Sirloin Steak
3 lbs.Top Round London Broil
3 lbs.Bottom Round Roast
$230 Package
4 lbs.Hamburger
4 lbs.Pork Chops
4 lbs.Chuck Steak
3 lbs.Stew Beef
4 lbs.Sandwich Steak
4 lbs.T-Bone Steak
4 lbs.Rib eye Steak
4 lbs.Country Pork Ribs
4 lbs.Pot Roast
Substitutions can be made. Please call ahead.